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Impotence or the medical condition described as erectile dysfunction affects 90% of men at some point in their lives. Around 40% are suffering from a clinical disorder in which erection without the aid of drugs or surgery is not possible.

This remained largely a problem for the male population without a proper or long-term solution until 1995, when the U.S. FDA conducted the experiments of PHASE 1 for a new drug that has been sildenafil called citrate, which by the researchers pharmaceutical the global leader Pfizer has been developed.

Originally designed for t...

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Treatment of infertility with Clomid or Clomiphene – Buy clomid online

Clomid and ovulation

After the diagnosis of infertility found, and the couple has all sorts of treatments that can help in restoring fertility, presents, they need to know which method to choose them best. Select the most of them, as their first option in a prescribed medication before the treatment under consideration, operations or methods of assisted fertilization as IVF (in vitro fertilization).

The fertilization of drug with the highest success rate and used for over 30 years now is Clomid, a drug which induces ovulation by stimulating the ovaries of a woman in the production of a higher number of follicles every month, so that the eggs ripen faster. And when the number of follicles is higher and the eggs are then ready most likely to facilitate pregnant...

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Teaching children with autism

Teaching children with autism

Autism treatment: The way into almost normal life

From Jana Hauschild

Going to a regular school, have close friends, build partnerships: For many autistic people is unthinkable. But there is always more treatment methods to mitigate already autistic symptoms in young children – and thus to enable them an almost normal life.

When Ron Breining (name changed) is three years old, he can not say “Mom” or “Daddу”. Other people he does not look in his eyes, he plays alone and always with just the same. Ron’s early infantile autism. Just four years later, he attended a regular elementary school, asking classmates if they want to play with him, knows numbers and letters, can write.

Miracle Cure? Not at all...

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Autism spectrum disorder

Autism treatment

Healthy diet for kids

Vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber – what is healthy for adults, should in principle also in children on the table. But the kids are still trying to grow up, grow, rage and need a lot of energy to digest new impressions. Therefore, the needs of children are a little different when it comes to food. Who regularly ask yourself what is important when cooking for children, get an overview here.

Fruits and vegetables? Milk and yogurt? Meat and fish? Many adults are unsure when it comes to the question of what to cook for children, how to make healthy diet for children – and what foods it is important. Basically, for clarity makes the “food pyramid”. In these foods are divided into three different groups...

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Graviola – cancer treatment (Healing tropical fruit is more effective than chemotherapy)

graviola cancer

Cancer treatments are a lucrative business. However, a tropical fruit could make the pharmaceutical industry a spanner in the works. The Soursop is to be more effective than chemotherapy and anticancer drug.

The Soursop, also known as Graviola or Soursop could improve cancer cure.

The Soursop (soursop cancer), also known as Graviola or Soursop, growing in tropical climes. It is a prickly, green fruit with white flesh and is regularly used by locals as a natural medicine. Graviola soursop is used for bacterial and fungal infections as well as for use with internal parasites or worms, and high blood pressure. But the fruit seems to be even more.

Graviola soursop – natural cancer treatments

The Soursop People say that she is 10,000 times more effective than strong chemotherapy drugs and 100 t...

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Quit Smoking: Four ways out of nicotine addiction

Quit Smoking

Approximately one in three German attacks smoke cigarettes regularly. Therapies, nicotine patches or hypnosis promise the easy exit from the addiction. But even the best method can only help if the smoker really wants to stop.

Smoking costs money and lots of time. Who stops in time, get up to ten years given, a recent survey study. But to ban the fag forever, is easier said than done. In this case, the smoking abstinence succeed in completely different ways.

Some lay the fags overnight out of hand, others are trying to gradually quit smoking. The late Non smoking activist Allen Carr helped with his bestseller “Finally Non smoking” some torture chambers when quitting. But hypnotists and acupuncturists promise to make the withdrawal suffering bearable.

Most people start the stop smoking with...

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Smoking and health consequences

Smoking and health consequences

Cigarette consumption is today in industrialized countries Represents the single most important health risk and the leading cause of early mortality.

Both the disease burden caused by cigarette consumption and its influence on overall mortality are historically unprecedented in scale. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), four million people worldwide die prematurely from the effects of cigarette smoking, this means every nine seconds a death.

In the 20th Century over 100 million people have died worldwide thereto. Thus, the consequences of smoking have long since reached epidemic proportions...

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Allergy: The smallest traces trigger reaction

Food allergies

Intolerance is dependent on the amount of the recorded matter. This incompatibility also differ from a food allergy, in which the immune system overreacts already shooting at the smallest traces of the food.

More than three percent of adults in this country suffer from a food allergy. For them, the immune system reacts to certain substances that are ingested with food. The reactions range from simple tingling of the mouth through to anaphylactic shock, which requires immediate medical treatment.

Figure out the allergy-causing food (allergen), is usually difficult...

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How does migraine differ from headaches?


Migraine is manifested by paroxysmal attacks of headache. The duration of each seizure is four to 72 hours. The headaches can occur unilaterally. Headache character is pulsing and throbbing. Pain intensity is very strong. Physical activity increases the pain, so that patients usually have to comply with bed rest. The pain can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, noise and light hypersensitivity. Migraine is diagnosed by the typical appearance of image. This is recorded in conversation with the affected patients. Also required is a thorough general and neurological examination. Migraine is an independent disease. It is therefore one of the so-called primary headaches. It is the disease itself and not a symptom of another disorder that could be detected with any follow-up testing methods.

Go ...

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What helps with neck pain?

Neck Pain

The neck is one of the most sensitive regions of the body. Bad posture at work or home, and above all lack of exercise often lead to discomfort in the shoulder-neck area. You can become a permanent problem and many sufferers find themselves with it. The excruciating pain burden the everyday extreme.

Tingling and numbness

First, physiotherapy and massages help to eliminate the pain. But often they turn more violent back in time. More and more, accompanied by tingling and numbness that radiates into the arms. By the time of paralysis occur, sufferers should seek medical attention.

Often poor posture responsible for complaints

Possible causes for the symptoms may be, for example, poor posture, muscular weakness, herniated discs, a pelvic tilt or a narrowness in the vertebral canal...

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