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Buy Levitra (Vardenafil) online – it is one of the most effective drugs for potency increasing as Cialis and Viagra.

The Potency came on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently and has managed to become popular quickly.

A great popularity owes its effect Levitra 20mg. Millions of men with erectile dysfunction can now forget the margins in bed and enjoy a full sex life.

Buy Levitra online – it is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It relaxes the smooth muscles in the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue), improves blood flow to the sex organs. Under such circumstances, a normal erection occurs. The active substance is vardenafil. It unfolds the effect 15-25 minutes after ingestion. On average, the effect of Levitra 20mg lasts 8 hours. Therefore, the potency of medication must be used ungefährt 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Just like Viagra 20mg Buy Levitra online helps the man to get an erection only when sexual stimulation. Embarrassing situations with random erections are excluded.
In addition to high efficacy, the drug has a good compatibility. If side effects occur, they are mild in nature, pass quickly. The most common side effects of impotence remedy are facial flushing, rhinitis, headache, dyspepsia, dizziness, nausea. To rare side effects include blurred vision, drowsiness, hypertension, facial swelling, back pain.

Buy Levitra OnlineAlthough the Potency is well tolerated, there are a number of contraindications. Persons under 18 years, women, persons with hypersensitivity to the ingredients in the preparation should not take and buy Levitra 20mg online. If you are taking both nitrates, NO donors, HIV protease inhibitors (eg, ritonavir, indinavir), it is not recommended to use a sexual enhancer. Concomitant use is contraindicated with alpha blockers. With particular care taking is done in some diseases, especially in the predispose them to priapism, penile anatomic deformities, severe hepatic impairment, an inherited prolongation of the QT interval.
The dosage of the drug must be prescribed by a doctor. The initial dosage for a healthy man is 10mg. For users with moderate hepatic impairment, the initial dose is 5mg suitable. For further treatment, the doctor may increase the dose. The maximum single dose for patients erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole occupy, is 5mg. The dose of itraconazole, ketoconazole, must not exceed 200 mg.
Within 24 hours, vardenafil 20mg are recommended for a healthy man. This dosage is normally used in severe erectile dysfunction when vardenafil 10mg are not sufficient for a normal erection.

Buy Levitra online/In the overdose, the user must have to go to a doctor.

Buy levitra online and remember some tips. The efficacy of Levitra 20mg is not affected by food intake and alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, large amounts of alcohol while taking the impotence drug is not recommended. The alcohol alone is responsible for erectile dysfunction. The alcohol affects the cardiovascular system. The ability to perform a sexual act (the blood circulation in the genital area that is) is directly related to the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is not recommended alcohol consumption during the use of the impotence drug. Only small amounts of alcohol are allowed.

In addition to the original drug is also Levitra/Buy Levitra online. How is it different from the original medicine?

Buy Levitra online – In order for a new drug comes on the market, the manufacturer must develop not only an active substance but also a lot of money in the development, clinical trials and manufacturing technology invest and make advertising campaigns. While the new drug is protected by patent, it can be marketed exclusively. Of course, the prices are quite high for the drug to cover all expenses for the development and to make profits. After patent expiration other companies may manufacture products with the already developed active substance legally. Such drugs are called generics. Generic medications are therapeutically equivalent to the original. Generic manufacturers do not have to invest vast amounts of money into the development of a new active substance, therefore, generic drugs are priced. The manufacturers of generic drugs only need to prove the therapeutic equivalence.

One of the unique advantages of generic drugs is their low cost. The disadvantages include many (but by no means always) the quality. Many manufacturers of original and generic drugs bring to the market that are high quality. Generics are often made ​​in the backyard kitchens in Asia. The effect of such remedies is made ​​in the best case. Therefore, it is important to buy Levitra in a certified online pharmacy that you trust or in your acquaintances have made purchases. If you purchase the drug from various sources, keep the pack. So you can compare the packages to detect counterfeits.

The generic has the same active ingredient as the original drug. In this way both drugs are equally effective. The differences are only in the price.

Another generic form of the brand-name medication is Vitria. These are mint strips for virility. Vitria also contains the active ingredient Vardenafil 20mg. Thus, it has the same effect as the branded original. But Vitria has its benefits, which consist in a rapid onset of action, because the active ingredient Vardenafil 20mg is absorbed through the oral mucosa. 15 minutes after ingestion are necessary for Vitria the action unfolds. However, the onset of action will vary from person to person. The effect of Vitria has an average of 8 hours. The generic drugs have the same dosage as the original Levitra 20mg/Buy Levitra online 20 mg. The advantage of Vitria is that it is well suited for people with swallowing problems.

Vardenafil 20mg rarely causes side effects in comparison to other power resources. If you are looking for a sexual enhancer with good effect without side effects, then the choice must fall on Levitra 20mg.